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We are Ross Hollow


Ross Hollow’s music makes you want to stand up, dance, sit down, laugh, tap your toes, hum along, snap your fingers, listen to the words, drink beer, attend church,  smell the rain, enjoy life more. It has the kind of catchy melodies and verve that keeps you humming the songs long after you’ve heard them for the first time. With roots in New England, the Southwest, Chicago, The Carolinas, Mississippi Delta, and Indiana, Ross Hollow’s music  can transport you to all these places and more, with driving bass funkadelic, solid dobro twang, melodic guitar riffs, wailing  harmonica, scintillating ebony and ivory stylings, backwoods banjo rolls, and the backbeat that just won’t stop.  We would love to bring our distinctive blend of Americana, folk, blues and modern indie music to a venue near you soon.

Vocals, Guitar / Stuart Johnson-Kwochka
Lead & Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals / Vincent Yetsko
Bass / Jared Horvath

Keyboard & Backing Vocals / Dhruv Kulkarni
Drums / Vernon Marsh

Trumpet / Jason Kahl


Summer 2019 Tour


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by Ross Hollow

Ross Hollow’s debut full length album takes the listener through many different styles. All the band members bring influences from all over the United States and all over the world. From delta blues, to Appalachian folk, 70’s rock and roll, Indian classical music and southwestern americana.